Subject: RE: Windows and libssh2

RE: Windows and libssh2

From: Mark Riordan <>
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2010 16:34:40 -0600

Phillip wrote:
> 1. Has anyone used (dynamic linking) for libssh2?
> If so, is there somewhere I can get the code stubs for
> all the libssh2 functions (perhaps as a "define")?

I haven't done it, but it should be reasonably straightforward.
I'm assuming you have a specific reason for dynamically linking...

> 2. When I try to compile ssh2 example it is unable to find:
> closesocket (etc.)
> Does anyone know which dll on Windows have these system calls?


> 3. Would I be better off using MinGW or some other
> build package for Windows?

I've used VC 2008 with libssh2 and it worked well.
I've found VC 2010 to be pretty similar, so it should work equally well.
MinGW would probably only complicate things.
You can take a look at the VC 2008 .vcproj file for my libssh2 sample at:


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