Subject: RE: Updated libssh2 benchmark results

RE: Updated libssh2 benchmark results

From: Mark Riordan <>
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2010 22:20:56 -0600

Aris said:
> I'm also interested in having libssh's results on your site as well
> (both 0.4.6 and git master).

I wrote a test program for libssh 0.4.6 and added the results here:

The program itself is here:

(I couldn't get the lastest git version to work - I had some hangs
and access violations.)

Briefly, libssh did well at uploading on a LAN, but not so well
in the other scenarios.

Separately, I also captured a Wireshark trace of the libssh2 test
program uploading over a WAN, and put it here:

It got a lot of [TCP ACKed lost segment] messages, which I don't
understand because I gave it a big capture buffer.



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