Subject: Re: Attempting to wrap sftp in Qt

Re: Attempting to wrap sftp in Qt

From: Mark Roden <>
Date: Mon, 2 May 2011 08:57:52 -0700

On Mon, May 2, 2011 at 12:14 AM, Daniel Stenberg <> wrote:
> On Sun, 1 May 2011, Mark Roden wrote:
>> I'm getting an error with trying to copy a file using sftp with
>> libssh2 from a windows 7 machine to a linux machine using libssh2.
>> The error number is 2
> which error number?

Sorry, I don't think I was specific enough about the libssh2-ness.

From debugging into the libssh2_sftp_open_ex, I get into sftp_open.
From there, I get to

        rc = sftp_packet_requirev(sftp, 2, fopen_responses,
                                  sftp->open_request_id, &data,

(line 946 of sftp.c)

Inside that function is a while statement on line 391 of sftp.c. The
while statement executes once, apparently with no initial return, and
then on the second go-through, the second valid response if statement
is entered on line 393.

Essentially, the server returns an error code, '2'.

Back out into the sftp_open function, that causes the 'badness' flag
to be set to 1 (line 965), presumably because that's not a good
response (the comment indicates that it's a 'status' response, which
is generally bad).

No handle is created as a result.
>> and from this thread here:
> I failed to see how that was relevant to libssh2. Maybe I'm just dense.

I don't know if it's a libssh2 error or not. I do know that I can
upload files via an sftp client using the same username/password, so I
suspect that I've misconfigured the connection somehow. I also know
that I can get a directory listing (as per the example code), I just
can't seem to be able to write using sftp. I tried using the exact
code from the sftp write example, and that gave the same result. I've
started experimenting with the flags, but I do believe that
something's been incorrectly set up during the establishment of the
connection, and was hoping for some insight there.

>> The line that fails is:
>>       sftp_handle =
>>           libssh2_sftp_open_ex(sftp_session,
>>, theSendRemotePath.size(),
> And that returns NULL and you then call libssh2_sftp_last_error() which
> returns 2?

I traced the error, as described above. I haven't figured out how to
see fprintf's from Qt's debugging interface in their designer.


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