Subject: Re: Attempting to wrap sftp in Qt

Re: Attempting to wrap sftp in Qt

From: Peter Stuge <>
Date: Mon, 2 May 2011 20:42:00 +0200

Mark Roden wrote:
> Essentially, the server returns an error code, '2'.

The server sometimes also returns a text message.

If this is indeed the error code from the server then it should be
well defined in the SFTP spec. Likewise the error message may provide
hints on what is going wrong.

Both the error code and the error message are retrievable using
libssh2 API after libssh2_sftp_open (or another function call) fails.

> I don't know if it's a libssh2 error or not.

Is the home directory for your user writable by the user? Maybe there
is just a path missing somewhere to specify the upload directory.

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