Subject: Re: Attempting to wrap sftp in Qt

Re: Attempting to wrap sftp in Qt

From: Mark Roden <>
Date: Mon, 2 May 2011 12:42:04 -0700

After further testing, it appears that it worked once, and then has
stopped working.

It looks like I'm not able to overwrite the file, despite setting the flags:

The first time, the writing works, and if I delete the file from the
server using a separate session, then the writing works again.

Are there other flags or things to check so that a file can be
overwritten, some unix permission I'm not setting when the file is
initially created?

On Mon, May 2, 2011 at 11:42 AM, Peter Stuge <> wrote:
> Mark Roden wrote:
>> Essentially, the server returns an error code, '2'.
> The server sometimes also returns a text message.
> If this is indeed the error code from the server then it should be
> well defined in the SFTP spec. Likewise the error message may provide
> hints on what is going wrong.
> Both the error code and the error message are retrievable using
> libssh2 API after libssh2_sftp_open (or another function call) fails.
>> I don't know if it's a libssh2 error or not.
> Is the home directory for your user writable by the user? Maybe there
> is just a path missing somewhere to specify the upload directory.
> //Peter
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