Subject: RE: Libssh2 usage from cURL with various buffer sizes.

RE: Libssh2 usage from cURL with various buffer sizes.

From: Patrik Thunström <>
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2011 19:09:28 +0100

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Subject: RE: Libssh2 usage from cURL with various buffer sizes.

> I'll get back once I've made a test driver!

I sadly have to admit defeat with this task. I've tried to recreate the bug
in a standalone test driver, but without any success.
This is a bit odd, seeing as we're able to log each and every call that go
out through libcURL, but even so recreating every step of the way, no

This leads me to believe that it might be somehow related to compiler flags
(which I also tried to set up in a similar manner as our sharp product), or
something related to differences between building and/or running things as
standalone executables compared to dynamic libraries, as we usually are
loading the libcURL dll, through a wrapper dll to maintain both forwards and
backwards compatibility.

I still do have the same setup as earlier available, so I can still run the
same test in our environment, even though this is not the best solution. :/

What I did manage to get out of this was a small test driver for testing
file transfer iterations of the same file, which would be quite similar to
running our small files test multiple times (as that was what I was trying
to recreate with the test driver). It starts out by uploading a file to the
SFTP and then downloads it a definable number of times over a set number of

No rocket science, needs to get include path to and be linked to your choice
of libcURL. I believe I've made it as platform independent as possible, but
there still might be something that's windows specific.

Oh well. Signing out for now. Have a nice weekend!
Best regards
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