Subject: [PATCH] Request SSH agent forwarding

[PATCH] Request SSH agent forwarding

From: Mitchell Hashimoto <>
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2012 16:26:16 -0700


Attached is a patch to add a new method `libssh2_channel_request_auth_agent`
which requests that an agent forwarding listener be started on the remote side
for SSH agent forwarding.

The method adheres to the RFC draft[2] as well as contains RFC non-compliant
tries (sending "") in order to remain working
with OpenSSH.

This is my first patch so please let me know if I did anything wrong.
I've tested
the code by modifying the ssh_exec.c example to request agent forwarding,
which worked great. I didn't write a new example though, so I didn't commit
these changes (since it alters ssh_exec).



Received on 2012-03-16