Subject: Re: crypto library checks [was: 1.8.0]

Re: crypto library checks [was: 1.8.0]

From: Peter Stuge <>
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2016 15:53:39 +0000

Thanks Kamil for pointing out your use case.

Tor Arntsen wrote:
> Ah, batch process vs. interactive.. well, that makes sense. Your
> earlier suggestion about somehow getting a summary of failures at the
> end would give the best of both worlds. I'm not sure if I've seen that
> in practice though - is it something that is reasonably easy to set up
> with autoconf?

Yes, I'll make it do something like that. There aren't many things
which can go wrong in libssh2, really only crypto and zlib.

After my patch-to-come --with-libz with no zlib found will also cause
configure to fail.

I will only make this change for crypto and zlib errors - everything
else (like is sed and libtool found) I will leave as-is, meaning that
those will work however they work in the autoconf macros.

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