Subject: A handful simple fixes

A handful simple fixes

From: Peter Stuge <>
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2016 22:34:30 +0200

Here's a set with a few unrelated fixes.

The NDEBUG one is the only one with impact; without it library binaries
contain the full build path. I don't know if the patch is enough to make
libssh2 build completely reproducibly, but it's a step in the right
direction at least.

[PATCH] docs/HACKING.CRYPTO: Fix two type typos
[PATCH] src/kex.c: Cast libssh2_sha{1,256}_update data arguments
[PATCH] src/crypto.h src/userauth.c: Fix conditional RSA support
[PATCH] src/global.c: Fix conditional AES-CTR support
[PATCH] Add -DNDEBUG to CPPFLAGS in non-debug builds

Also available in the branch simple180


Received on 2016-10-27