Subject: Re: Release schedule

Re: Release schedule

From: Will Cosgrove <>
Date: Sat, 5 May 2018 09:14:41 -0700

Hi Peter,

> George Nachman wrote:
>> I was very glad to see ECDH key exchange committed! I would like to update
>> my app to use it, but I'm not comfortable releasing code from master as it
>> looks like development is quite active.
> I've gotten back into work around the library lately and I noticed that
> the new ECDH kex isn't as separated from unrelated code as it should
> be, I would like that to be cleaned up before a release. (A significant
> amount of code was needlessly copypasted into all crypto backends,
> *replacing* previous abstraction which was still suitable.)

Could you be more specific here? The ECDH kex (and related code) is using the OpenSSL backend and is written in a very similar way to the RSA/DSA backends using all the given abstractions. There is nothing significant was copy-pasted into all backends, what are you referring to here? The only thing I can think of is a couple defines. What abstraction was replaced?

> I sent some patches a while back which may or may not be pending still -
> sorry, I'm doing other things for one more week but then I'll come back
> to the library and try to look at those loose ends, if noone else does
> it first.
> Development may be active, but I don't know if there are major things
> being worked on at the moment? If not, I think a release could be made
> even though development is ongoing.

I have an open PR that includes the OpenSSH key file format support and ED25519 key support which is quite large.

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