Subject: Running tests inside OCI containers

Running tests inside OCI containers

From: Laurent Stacul <>
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2021 15:56:13 +0100

Hello dear libssh2 maintainers,

I recently sent several PR to improve the tests suite execution. I will
give you some context on why I did such PR.

We, in our company, are building some kind C/C++ opensource
distributions that are compiled with different toolchains and version of
the toolchains (gcc, clang) for Linux amd64 and aarch64 architectures
and different optimization options (LTO, PGO, post-process with Bolt).
All those builds are run in containers to ease the isolation from the
host machines.

We care a lot about the results of the unit tests of all the opensource
components we build. For low level opensource components, there are no
reasons to run container while in the case of libssh2 project this makes
perfect sense.

That's the reason why I proposed the following PR to enable the tests to
be run from inside a container and some PRs to improve the stability of
the test suites:


I would be glad to have your feedback about them and to know if there is
a chance one day they will be merged into the official distribution.

For the time being, I apply those patch on our side, builds are run
several times a day with no issue detected.

Thanks in advance for your feedback and don't hesitate to tell if some
improvements are needed on those PRs to be merged.

Received on 2021-03-11