Subject: Re: Callback for channel data ready

Re: Callback for channel data ready

From: Peter Stuge <>
Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2012 04:42:27 +0100

Hi Mitchell,

Mitchell Hashimoto wrote:
> > > but I was hoping perhaps there was a better way?
> >
> > Sorry not at this time. I think we want callbacks though, so feel
> > free to discuss and send patches. :)
> Understood. Thanks.
> I haven't been using libssh2 long enough to feel comfortable enough
> in suggesting API improvements, since I haven't quite immersed
> myself in the "libssh2 way."

There is no such thing.. libssh2 has evolved, and must continue to
evolve. The libssh2 API can and should be expanded to become more
useful, and the definition of useful should basically come from it's

> But I agree that callbacks would be fantastic.

So how would that work?

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